Cycladic architecture: beauty in simplicity

The Cyclades complex of islands in Greece is characterized by a breathtaking scenery and alluring landscapes that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The white-washed houses are scattered on the hills like small sugar cubes, offering amazing views of the Aegean Sea from their lovely verandas. Among them, the blue-domed churches offer a beautiful contrast.

Cycladic architecture uses simple and minimal aesthetics but a style that is characterized by strength and daring. The houses in Cyclades are built with plain materials and the building exteriors are rather simple; yet they exude unparalleled harmony, balance and grace. Overall, the facades give an impression of the buildings growing out of the ground.

The climate and natural landscape of the Cyclades have substantially affected local architecture. The white color of the walls serves the need to reduce sun absorption during the warm summer months. The walls are thick enough to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer.

The interiors of the Cycladic houses are also pretty simple. Furnishings are in total harmony with the minimalist architecture of the building, while closets, wardrobes and trucks for storing clothes are often built into the walls.

Doors, windows and balconies are painted in mostly blue color, contrasting the stark white walls and creating a picture-postcard landscape when seen from a distance.

Cycladic architecture: beauty in simplicity

This, however, is only a general picture. Every island has its special and unique characteristics that are determined by topography and history and combined with local culture.  For example, in Oia, Santorini one can see cave houses that are actually carved in the rock. Despite these differentiations, though, all Cycladic islands are bound together by their common architecture.

It is the uniqueness of Cycladic architecture that makes Cyclades in general and Mykonos in particular a gorgeous destination! When you visit Mykonos, don’t forget to get a taste of this architecture. And if you’re not ready to take a break from the usual comforts, you can always rent a villa in Mykonos that melds the charm of Cycladic architecture with the amenities of modern comfort.